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Hello there.

I am Cyril Chiquet from Switzerland. I am 29 years old and live in beautiful Copenhagen since 2004.

I studied the basics of Information Technology and worked for 5 years behind a desk for a software company here in Copenhagen. Throughout my life, I always had to capture on film those moments and sceneries that made me pause.

Today I follow my passion in photography and videography as a freelancer.

During the last years I worked for business companies in Scandinavia, Switzerland and touristic companies in Costa Rica. You are welcome to browse my website and see my work.

Thank you.

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    • Firmanavn:
    • Cchiquet
    • CVR:
    • 37411434
    • Ejer:
    • Cyril Chiquet

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    • 42799225
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    • København NV

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    • 2400

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    • Hovedstaden


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